The Catfish Review

The Catfish Review is dedicated to sharing stories with readers of short fiction. The Stories to Read are part of a growing body of what some call Flash Fiction and others call Five-Minute Fiction: stories of 500 to 1000 words in length that can be read easily in less time than it would take my uncle to catch a catfish, clean it, and fry it up in a pan, on a hot August afternoon, and he was pretty quick at doing that.

We all are story tellers. In The Catfish Review you will find original stories I have written. Many of these are stories I have read at the Gloucester Writers Center in Gloucester, MA, and ‘workshopped’ with other writers in several writers’ groups living and writing in Rockport, MA.

My thanks go to all of the writers and readers who have given help and encouragement.

Joe Rukeyser

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